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A one day search  of the records involves checking births, marriages, deaths in the statutory records and, hopefully, beyond to the Old Parish Records. Census records are also included. On completion of the search a brief precis of the findings will be emailed to the client and that will be followed by a full report detailing finds and areas searched. Photocopies of certificates can be forwarded if requested. For full details, please get in contact Doug accepts payments preferably by PayPal although personal cheques or money orders are acceptable.

Confirmation search

  • Carried out to ensure a complete search is possible and provides initial information about the person at the centre of the search ie birth, parents, siblings, marriage or death, if appropriate.
  • The search can also be used to help those carrying out their own research who may simply need confirmation they are on the right track or help solve an impasse.

Complete search

  • Both paternal and maternal family lines

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